Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Dalradian's off to the races


Green line is the neckline of an inverted head & shoulders. The right side is badly shaped, so it's not a good pattern, but DNA has still broken through that neckline on volume, and I like things going up on volume.

With a neckline of $0.72 and a bottom of $0.48, the linear chart target would be 96 cents.

But if you calculate it logarithmically, the target is actually $1.08.

I'll take the latter SWAG cos I now have $5k at $0.77 and a further $1k of next month's 90 cent warrants, what the hell was I thinking.

Who knows how this turns out? Well, DNA seems to be getting chased right now in the L2, and with volume, so why not? For some reason, people are buying developers - AKG's still strong and even Premier doesn't stink now.

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