Thursday, January 29, 2015

Charts of miners that suck™

Well, gold's decided that the big runup is completed, and so it's going to go back down for a while. Was that the end of the January pop? Or do we get another 50% pop before PDAC as usual?

I'd have to think this wasn't the end of it, except that all the hedgies apparently went long gold, and they're usually the last suckers in.

Anyway, here's some junior gold charts that have suddenly exhibited a stink:

 Not horrendous yet, there's worse.

 Asanko's cliffdiving. You think they'll be able to close the CAD$2.02 bought deal now?

Like I said, there's a big magnet at $2.20 for all those who are underwater BTO, which is everyone who bought since August 2010.

Did these guys announce a financing too? I feel smarter having sold at $2.35.

Oh well. I'll keep my fingers crossed for a second bounce - I came across an old post from last year and it turns out there was another mini-crash just like this in the last week of January 2014 too.

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