Tuesday, January 20, 2015

BNN with the Globe and Mail's Brian Milner on oil's effect on fascist dictators (incl. Harper)

BNN - Brian Milner on whether oil's plunge will destroy the world's petrofascists. He notes that it's going to be a very tough time for all those dictators in the world who based their power on high oil prices, such as Stephen Harper.

Like I said (before Milner, ahem), this next election will hopefully mark the end of Prime Minister Pedosmile Sweatervest's reign. And I doubt The Anointed One will have a problem forming a coalition with the NDP.

Speaking of which, this Cullen kid from the NDP looks like a brawler. If he's even allowed to get his point across in Canada's great bastion of reactionary fascism the National Post, then he's got substance.

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