Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Will GDX cross the SMA(50) today?

By the way: when you see a flurry of posts coming out of my blog like what's happening this morning, that means I feel something interesting is going on in the markets and I'm busy figuring out what positions to take.

In contrast, when nothing is going on in this blog except abuse and cartoons, you can know it's because the market is being boring, nothing new has popped up, so I've left things on set-and-forget.

Anyway, here's another interesting thing that might call for a change in position:


If gold has popped above the SMA(50) then GDX should too, right? I mean, that's what we would expect if it's a real move and not just fake, right?

Then please explain this:

GDXJ is still below its EMA(9), still 9% below its SMA(50). Translation: it looks uninterested.

So is it just that GDXJ will move a few hours after GDX does? Or is GDXJ telling us that it's all just a lie?

Or is GDXJ still full of companies that suck and can't make money to save their lives? I mean sure, GDX is too, but maybe GDXJ is more so?

Something for you to watch.

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