Wednesday, December 17, 2014

That Commie subversive anti-American Ronald Reagan

Reposting this:

because I've been reading Glenn Greenwald's No Place to Hide.

Which, by the way, makes it very clear to me in the first few pages that by simply Googling the book and then posting about it on a Google blog, I've certainly now made it onto an NSA watchlist and am now being watched for my every internet move, if I hadn't already been for my teenage activities.

Speaking of which, I have a very original reason for being annoyed at Obama's and Bush's "collect it all" dystopian fascist dragnet of surveillance on Americans and all other foreign nationals with access to the internet.

Back in the old days, I had to commit crimes, go to anti-nuke demonstrations, associate with known drug dealers, date a skinhead girlfriend, hang out with Greenpeace members wanted by the law in other countries, and run a popular Unabomber news website just to maybe get the RCMP to open a file on me.

Nowadays all a guy's gotta do is start a stupid fucking blog.

Anyway, you should all read Greenwald's No Place to Hide, and in fact you should also buy a few extra copies to give to your local public library. Every single person in the free world needs to read about how you've all now been turned into nothing but fucking livestock.

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