Sunday, December 28, 2014

Sure, a bit more news why not

Here's some more weekend reading:

Bespoke - R2K finally breaks out. After a long 8-month consolidation. With gasoline prices dropping. So therefore sell your US stocks and go to cash! Because reasons!

New Deal Demoncrat - weekly indicators. Everything looks fine, quit piddling yourself.

BI - investors always miss rallies. Just buy the S&P 500 and walk away. It's in a secular bull thrust and we've already had a few nearly-10% corrections in the past couple years: quit trying to dodge the next puke, buy the damn thing instead.

Bonddad - an entire year of incompetent economic analysis from Powerline. A particularly snarky chain-debunking of every incompetent bearish comment there is. By the way, the S&P is up 13% this year: how is your favourite stock analyst's performance for the year, in comparison?

Zerohedge - let's quote George Orwell on orthodoxy. This is rich coming from a website funded by the KGB, which regularly praises a Fascist country where all dissent has been silenced and enemies are executed in the streets.

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