Saturday, December 6, 2014

Some interesting Saturday reading and a junior gold developer's chart


New Deal Demoncrat - comment on November jobs report. Quote:
All of the internals of the employment survey were strong. Job gains were across the board, revisions remained strongly positive, and aggregate hours also increased sharply.
Data is reality.

Calculated Risk - the future's still so bright I gotta wear shades. It looks like he's pinning a secular bull market in the US on a coming demographic boom. Quote:
The good news is the prime working age group has started to grow again, and should be growing solidly by 2020 - and this should boost economic activity in the years ahead.

These young workers are well educated and tech savvy. And they will have babies and buy homes soon.
Demographics are a powerful force in economics, don't fight them. I also wonder what this demographic trend will do to the Republicans once these young people start voting: how many of them will choose the party of institutionalized racism, sexism, fundamentalism, science denialism, war and insanity?

Bespoke - we're so clever look at our China prediction. To be fair, yeah they caught the downtrend break. Their comment:
While the breakout has been huge recentlty and leaves significant room for a short-term pullback, in the long-term these charts are still very bullish. When a long-term trend breaks, it can have a powerful effect on prices.
Fair nuff, they're smart. I guess the Shanghai chart also puts the lie to the idea of a China slowdown, no? - pot of gold in Ireland. Speaking of which, Dalradian has had a very interesting chart recently:

It already broke above its SMA(50), and until someone puked 48000 shares on Friday afternoon this stock was gently riding down the SMA(50) line on mild selling volume, not wanting to cross below. Maybe I'm just thinking hopefully here (got some at something like .65 this week), but that chart action does seem like a gentle response to its November recovery before a move higher.

Then again, like I said, maybe I'm just thinking hopefully here.

Sprott Globule - interview with Rick Rule. Quite honestly, some very useful grown-up commentary here. He still thinks a powervom must come in the junior space.

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