Monday, December 1, 2014

Railways are experiencing passionate lovemaking in the bottom

So, being unemployed, I woke up late and turned on CNBC to see Jim Cramer giving his pre-open chat.

One of the things he said was he wanted to watch how rails reacted to the oil price drop.

So let's take a look:

Union Pacific is experiencing passionate lovemaking in its bottom right now.

Norfolk Southern is also experiencing very passionate lovemaking in its bottom, which looks weird to me because I just looked at its system map and it only services the US east of the Mississippi, where there ain't no oilfields to my knowledge.

So that's a knee-jerk puke, to me.

And here's a few Canadians:

Kinda funny that they're dropping, considering their shipping backlog was so great that wheat was being left in the elevators to rot. Serious, this was a big scandal in Canada.

They have more than enough business to stay afloat and energy costs are going down, so what the hell is the selling for?

So I guess this big oil move is generating a lot of hasty repositioning among all the Wall Street honky crackers, which will mean some companies get very much made love to in the bottom for a while.

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