Monday, December 22, 2014

OT, about not having a jerb

Off-topically, since losing my jerb a few weeks ago I've noticed something interesting.

While sleeping, I now have dreams. No really, this is weirding me out because I can't remember the last time I dreamt while sleeping - it must have been years ago. But now I've started dreaming constantly at night.

One explanation might be that, since I'm trying to puzzle out what to do next with my life, my brain has decided to try to solve the problem for me at night while I sleep. The theory is that you dream more when you have to do a lot of mental adaptation to overcome something difficult. Even if the dream doesn't seem to be related to your problem at all, new neuronal connections are being formed by the narrative of the dream, which makes it easier for your waking mind to overcome the new obstacle.

I didn't have any obstacles in my job - I had pretty much mastered the work, and the only problem I had was insane deadlines. So maybe that's why I wasn't dreaming then, and now I do because I'm at an impasse for what to do next in my life.

Another explanation might be simply that I was getting insufficient sleep before, so I was never managing to get all the way to REM sleep. Now I've made up my sleep deficit so I'm getting into REM after just a couple hours.

And yet another might be the booze. Especially the tequila.

No, Mila Kunis hasn't shown up in my dreams yet, but Hayden Panetierre is doing a good job filling in.

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