Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Oh, and as for the new blog colour scheme....

The blog now looks different because a certain individual said if I want more readers, I have to make my blog look like everyone else's blog.

This blog never has been anything like anyone else's blog before, has it?

Aren't I to trade on my own uniqueness? Isn't that what you come here for? How do I differentiate my brand? What next, am I supposed to stop swearing too? This guy is always on about me not swearing as much.

But, oh well. Let's see if the money flows in with this new blog colour scheme.


  1. I want the horrid green back, please.
    It always made me feel a little bit like vomiting, which seemed appropriate.
    Also, I never really realized how appropriate Don could be to junior mining....

    1. I would have gone for Billy's Balloon, personally. It conveys more of the anomie and absurdity of the past three years.

  2. Hmm, agreed.

    1:30 - July 2010
    2:20 - Feb 2011
    2:35 - Feb 2012

    It also works well if you use the high of 2008. Possibly better, but I can't be bothered timestamp it all.

    I feel like you could write a full thesis here. "Billy's Balloon by Don Hertzfeldt: An Examination of Symbolism, Metaphors, and Representations of the TSX Venture in a Contemporary Cartoon"

    (Also, Don has a YouTube channel?!? Subbed.)

  3. I like the old black background better, it matches your personality. Also, are the sidebar ads for Jim Rickards dooooomer blog part of the new look, or where they there before and I just didn't notice?

    p.s. If you stop cursing I'll quit reading. If you ever want to get rid of me, just start being polite and dull.

    1. The ads are dependent on Google's user tracking, not so much the blog content. E.g. at work I got loads of Shakespeare Festival ads for a long time after looking at Stratford (Ont.) in Google Maps.

  4. I can't find the damn post where you talked about going to fucking Econ school so I'll just post this shit here. This is the kind of cuntwallowing crapola you can expect to find yourself dealing with when you become a real student of the dismal science. Vietnam-era soldiers found themselves "in the shit" and so will you my friend, so will you.

    p.s. all my love to the fucking douchebag out there who thinks you should stop swearing so much, you cunt bastard.

    1. The cunt bastard is the guy at IKN.

      All academia is full of fruitcakes and bitches. No matter where you go. Yes, even math.