Tuesday, December 16, 2014

NEWSETTER WRITERS: let me help you educate yourselves

There are many newsletter writers out there who prove their ignorance every day by saying the stupidest, most paleolithic things. Bullshit about the evil Ben Bernanke, ignorant garbage about debt and government spending, uninformed blather about money-printing and QE, vacuous whining about how granny doesn't get any interest on her deposits anymore.

If you've been reading this blerg for a while, you know some of the names I'd read off if I felt like it.

However, instead I'm going to provide them all an opportunity.

Here are three lectures from UC Berkeley's intro to Economics course that'll explain the basics of macroeconomics for you, well enough that (if you're open to actually learning) you'll finally realize just how wrong it was to think you were learning anything at all from US talk radio and the Republican party.

All it will take is a computer with speakers, an internet connection, and approx. 110 minutes of your time.

Two more videos after the break:

There. Now you have no excuse for spouting off ignorant bullshit.

I'll post more lectures in the future, but these were the three I watched today, and they're rather good.


  1. sorry...gotta run....no time spare to learn things...have to say things...lots of things...now listen..to me...i have some important things to say...that will make you rich....so listen to me...