Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Liz-Ann Sonders says you should quit piddling yourself

Liz-Ann Sonders - individual investors are still piddling their frilly little pink panties. Has some clown with a newsletter been feeding you the line that mom & pop investors are bullish this market? Well:

The next chart below shows the results for a question asking investors about their confidence in the market going up over the next year. Interestingly, individual investors’ confidence has generally been in a weakening cycle over the past 14 years, and today’s confidence (or lack thereof) is even lower than it was during the heat of the financial crisis. Institutional confidence has been a bit steadier, albeit with more short-term volatility.

[...T]here was a very large gap between individuals’ and institutions’ confidence earlier this year; with institutions well more bullish. Both cohorts have recently become much more bearish, although the spread remains quite wide. Notable is the fact that individuals have a record low level of confidence in the history of this survey.

Read Liz-Ann Sonders, not some clown with a blog.

As an aside, I wonder if the long downward trend in Main Street investors' attitudes has anything to do with the continued confiscation of all the world's assets by the rich, per Piketty?

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