Friday, December 19, 2014

Gold ex-USD: is the story over?

Well, look at that:

After a couple big candles during the marketwide powervom earlier this week, gold ex-USD has scraped its way back above the 4.76-or-so support line and above its short-term EMA.


GDX is behaving again, above its short EMA, and threatening to power through the confluence of the Bollinger mean and the SMA(50). Above $19.27 or so looks pretty damn bullish if gold follows.


Gold in USD is not above its own SMA or anything yet, though it is above ex-USD.


At least B2gold has seen very impressive buying volume these past couple days.

I dunno, was it too early to write off the miners and PMs?

By the way, where's Jeff Currie working nowadays? Did he not get fired for that $1050 gold end-2014 call?

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