Monday, December 15, 2014

gold breaks down suddenly


Gold started diving on its own, not in association with a broader market vom, so with a break thru the SMA(50) and Bollinger mean this uptrend is acting very done. I'm out.

This chart has a lot of error associated with it, but the fact remains GLD:UDN has dropped below its 4.76 or so pivot line, below its EMA and below the Bollinger mean, so it's acting like it's done.

Dunno why, maybe it's to do with $VIX futures closing this afternoon.

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  1. It got to 12 midday and as things were pretty quiet and the kids are now on summer break (as of last Friday), I took them for lunch and to see the Paddington movie. Me come back and gold TO COLLIDER.

    Still, the movie was reasonably good. Well, they enjoyed it more than me, but i've sat through far worse kidmovies and Paddington is reasonably cool. The story didn't have too many holes and the sideshow entertainment was "Oh Kidman! WTF she doing there?" and "Oh Broadbent! WTF he doing there?" and "Oh Capaldi! WTF he doing there?" and "Oh George Doors is the taxi driver! WTF he doing there?" Et cetera.