Thursday, December 18, 2014


IKN - Do you seriously want Russia to have internal problems? Seriously? Quote:
So the Russian Rouble Rallies and the Dow futures pop and all is right with the world. Which begs the question for those of you who've been gloating at the Russia market collapse...
Uh-oh. He's talking to me.
Do you seriously want Russia to have internal problems? Seriously?

...because if you do you know fuck all about history. It stands to reason that the world need a stable (or relatively so) Russia for its own greater and wider general stability.
Really? "It stands to reason" is a bald assertion, not an argument.

Do I know anything about history? I do know that the last time Russia was economically crippled by low oil prices and mired in a war that had no plausible endgame, communism collapsed and hundreds of millions of people in eastern Europe were freed from slavery.

About the only bad thing that came out of this, that I can think of right now, was the Yugoslav civil wars. Those were bad, sure, but I'd assert they have to be measured against the reunification of Germany and the freedom of the Czechs and Poles and the Baltic states.

Oh and also against the end of Ceaucescu, Hoxha, the Stasi and so on.

OK, I've been told it also made things worse in Central Asia as Kazakhs, Uzbeks etc. "threw off the yoke of Russian/Ukrainian colonialism" and promptly drove their countries into the shithole. I guess that's also bad, though the Kazakhs, Uzbeks etc. didn't seem to mind.

This time, instead of communists, Russia is run by a mafia and the KGB old guard. And yes, I'd like to see their kleptocratic empire of murderers and Nazi clowns collapse. Maybe there's enough left of the intellectual elite and parties like Yabloko to guide Russia out of this and make it a better country.

I can understand, though, the desire to appease and coddle Russia, thus making life unbearable for the people in Lithuania and Estonia and Poland and so on who are all going to have to go to sleep every night wondering if they're next in line for reabsorption into "Greater Russia".

I'll just leave you with this picture:

Know anything about history?

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  1. I think he's nervous cuz they got nukular bombs 'n stuff.