Friday, December 12, 2014

Bach on piano deserves a beating

If it's one thing I hate, it's someone defiling JS Bach by playing his music on a piano. Just because the revisionists of classical music spent hundreds of years trying to erase all memory of the harpsichord doesn't mean it's right.

And yes it's Glenn Gould. Ooooo. First he neuters Bach, takes all the emotion out and makes it sound like the output from a Korean playing a Vic20, then he turns around and makes him sound like a bloody Russian romantic. I never liked anything from Glenn Gould.

Instead of posting a rebuttal with yet another repeat of BWV 1065 on proper bloody harpsichords, here's someone playing JSB's contemporary Domenico Scarlatti to show you exactly how brilliant a harpsichord really sounds:

A few flubs but definitely enough power to put the "wimpy instrument" argument to rest forever.

Knowing what you know about JS Bach, don't you think perhaps he would have rather written for this instrument than for an instrument that had only just barely been invented?*

If the music was written for an instrument, you play it on that instrument.

* - leaving aside the argument as to whether Bach really wrote for the clavichord