Wednesday, December 17, 2014

APPLE, BUTTCOIN, AND AN OUNCE OF GOLD: the answer will shock you!

Here's some news for you, with some cartoon gloating at the end:

New Deal Demoncrat - real aggregate and average wages set records in November. But you guys go ahead and keep puking the S&P!

David Kotok - some observations. Quote:
So, let’s say the negative impact from low oil is $150 billion and the positive impact is $450 billion. Our simple model suggests that the net positive impact equals about $300 billion. That is more than double the entire 2% payroll tax cut of a few years ago. It is bigger than the tax-cut amount debated this year in dysfunctional Washington DC. And it is about three-fourths the size of the revised federal deficit estimate for the fiscal year ending in 2015. That estimate is trending toward $400 billion.

If we are close to right, and if these estimates are within a 20% to 30% margin of error, 2015 will deliver accelerating growth in the US. We will enjoy continuing low interest rates as the Fed gradually normalizes policy. Low inflation lends additional confidence to the forecast, because energy price pressures are removed. The US stock market is likely to reflect these trends.
Hey Dave, might wanna tell your buddies Ritholtz and the other white-ass crackers to quit puking the S&P 500, then.

WaPo - sorry Pooty-poot, you're doomed. It starts with
A funny thing happened on the way to Vladimir Putin running strategic laps around the West. Russia's economy imploded.
and ends with
Putin might be playing chess while we play checkers, but only if we lend him the money for the set.
And there's nothing Pooty-poot can do about it. Sorry Pooty! You're the past. We're the future. Good luck building a new North Korea for yourself and your mafia cronies. Hope you don't starve 144 million people to death. We in the west will happily take your young and attractive women, so at least they have hope.

BBC - US moves to normalize relations with Cuba. Considering the Americans have been staunch allies of genocidal murderers like Charles Taylor and Augusto Pinochet, their stance against Cuba and the relatively harmless Castro family has never made any sense. Well... except for the bit about the US government having been under the control of the American mafia and the white exile Cuban slave-owners who lost everything in the revolution.

Qz, the Middle Persian word for a joke that destroys the flow of a comedy program - Buttcoin was the worst investment of 2014. Worse than Russia, worse than gold miners. Oh and by the way, as of today the score is:

ten shares of AAPL: $1094.10
three butt-coins: $978.24
one ounce of gold: $1189.30

And those of you who doubted that the holy and constant, annointed and timeless value of gold would be worth more than either by the end of the year? Shame on you. I voted gold. Three times. What did you vote for? Huh? Huh? Not gold, eh?

Mineweb - gold traders bet Russia's next move is to puke bullion. And for all you dumbass goldbugs who thought Russia buying gold was good for gold, I have half a cartoon panel:

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