Sunday, December 7, 2014

A bit of Sunday news

Here's some reading for this morning:

New Deal Demoncrat - weekly indicators. He continues to see growth through 2015.

WaPo - why the world missed the oil price crash.You shouldn't expect oil to pop back in the short term. Other than that, I personally think the oil price drop has a lot to do with speculators switching from long to short. Y'know, the way they do in secular commodity bear markets.

Brett Steenbarger - questions to ask when day-trading. The takeaway:
Many problems in day trading occur when we impose our own views on markets and do not focus on how markets are actually behaving. Problems also occur when we do not stay sufficiently flexible to continually update our views of how markets are behaving.
And please forgive him for quoting Ayn Rand right after that. He did it ironically.

Bloomberg - the fall of Bill Gross. A blow-by-blow account of how Gross got his ass fired. Includes the difficult final months where he would sit in his office, strip down to his underwear, and then fling poo at passersby.

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