Monday, November 24, 2014

WHY ARE THE RUSSIANS BUYING GOLD? The answer will shock you!

Here's some quality reading:

New Deal Demoncrat - weekly indicators summary. Everything is still doing fine, nothing suggesting an "imminent rollover" in US stocks despite what goldbug TAs might tell you.

Liz Ann Sonders - market might drop a couple percent, don't piddle your panties. She thinks sentiment is a bit extended, making the US market vulnerable to a little pullback. Me personally, I think a $VIX of 12.8 is a bit low.

New Deal Demoncrat - watch gasoline prices keep dropping. If you want to figure out the benefit to the average US consumer, the math is easy.

Bloomberg - what to expect in the era of cheap oil. With just enough anti-Bolivarist rhetoric to raise Otto Rock's rankles.

Streetwise Professor - swatting the goldbugs. As he notes, Russia buying gold is not a good thing, despite what you read in Zerohedge. He explains the real reason: sanctions. He also suggests you read this.

der Spargel - the Caliphate's African colonies. Yay, let's spread the Islamic Caliphate! This is really going to work out well! I personally think the world still needs a billion people living in fucking mud huts and shitting in a hole in the ground.

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