Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Speaking of Cressida Cauty, whatever happened to Jimmy Cauty?

I'm amazed that my "whatever happened to Cressida Cauty" post still gets quite a lot of hits. I guess now that she's a famous biomedical researcher curing cancer, people have suddenly found a new appreciation for Disco 2000.

Anyway, not that he's contributing in any way to saving lives, but what is Jimmy Cauty of the KLF up to nowadays?

well, still being Jimmy Cauty, apparently:

London Evening Standard - Jimmy Cauty is the jam jar rebel. Quote:

For a couple of hundred pounds, visitors to Jimmy Cauty's new exhibition can buy miniature sculptures of the attack on Charles and Camilla during the student loans demonstration, the death of news vendor Ian Tomlinson at the G20 protests, or of Take That "getting their heads kicked in" by police at the Brit awards.

Yup, he's still working at chaos magic after all this time:

The specific spur for this exhibition was a visit to Tesco, some months ago, where "there were no staff but all these young people were just patiently queuing for those robot tills, instead of grabbing stuff and running away". It made him think the younger generation was docile, quiescent, conformist.

And what's the future? Is the KLF really over and done with like Cressida says?

He and Drummond are in regular contact, dealing with the still-felt ripples of the KLF/K Foundation.

"We are working on the idea of Lady Gaga joining us for a world tour, and writing and producing an album for her," says Cauty. "But she doesn't know about it yet."

Oh Christ. Genius. Take a washed-up attention-addict and graft her onto the KLF. My God. She'd go for it too, and it would resurrect her career and give her new cred, and it'd still be 100% KLF.

I'm sad that while I also have this level of evil genius, I've never had a #1 hit single so I just can't accomplish this sort of stuff. How can I help immanentize the eschatoon, Jimmy?

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