Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Some Wednesday morning news

Got some work to do today, won't be posting much:

Bloomberg - GFMS says physical silver demand to drop 6.7% in 2014. Hey, guys? Guys? 2014's almost over, so your article is only telling us what's already been baked into the price. Oh and by the way - industrial fab is over half of all silver demand, so you should concentrate on that number and not on fucking jewelry or coins.

Bloomberg - meanwhile, everyone was bearish gold as of last week. That boat sure looks like it was leaning too far to one side.

Vitaly Katsenelson - on how much of a propaganda state Russia has become. My god, it's turned into North Korea, except 130 times the surface area. Someone might want to ask Marin Katusa how he expects a bankrupt fascist propaganda state with no revenue outside of oil and natgas to become a "world power".

Politico - whatever happened to overtime? I can't fucking believe that Americans don't get time and a half for overtime. Again, yet another illustration of how the capitalist class has confiscated the entire economy for itself. Happily, they've been so thorough that now the peasants can't provide them with enough demand for rental of their capital: thus interest rates will stay at zero til the pendulum swings back in the workers' favour.

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