Sunday, November 9, 2014

Some sunday reading

Some things to read on a Sunday:

Ritholtz - hey, remember when he was piddling his panties while this blog was already calling it a new secular bull market? Better late than never, eh pissy-panties? Just watch out that you don't now turn into some fucking Kondratiev idiot with your "grand cycles" theory.

der Spargel - hey, remember Donetsk? Oh good, the breakaway republics have collapsed, with no economy, criminal gangs, and now the Cossacks are rising again. Hey Pooty, what's the difference between competence and incompetence?

der Spargel - hey, remember Golden Dawn? So finally the government is going to classify the Nazis as a criminal gang and wipe them out. Good.

der Spargel - hey, remember the Nicaragua Canal? I dunno if Ortega will want to follow through with this if it means mass protests against him.

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