Monday, November 3, 2014

Some Monday evening news

Some more newsbits:

Liz Ann Sonders - are collapsing oil prices good? The answer: yes, and as for Ritholtz quit piddling your frilly pink panties.

Bespoke - commodity inputs down in ISM report. And this is precisely how a commodity bear market begets a DM bull market: take off the choke collar of commodity prices, and growth can finally continue unabated. That's why a 16 forward P/E isn't scary.

Bloomberg - $1.3 billion pulled from gold funds on October. Good! Another 20 months of that, and GLD will be empty. Then Wall Street Whitey will have no gold left to sell.

FT Alphaville - Bill Gross is batshit insane. Really, Bill Gross said this in his most recent mailout:
I am a philosophical nomad disguised in Western clothing, a wondering drifter, masquerading in a suit near a California beach. Sand forms the foundation of my being and its porosity is at once my greatest strength and deepest wound. I have become after 70 years, a man who believes that no belief is sacred. I have ideals and moral standards, but I believe them specific to me. Had I inherited your body and ego, “I” could just as clearly have assumed “yours.”

If so, I wonder, if values are relative, then what are mortals to make of them, and what would a judging God make of us? If a collective humanity is to be rooted in sandy loam, spreading its ideological seeds through howling winds only to root in mutant form at different places and different times, can we judge an individual life?
I mean, you could say that he's simply turned into a bad Friedrich Nietzsche clone - maybe Ragnar Redbeard, maybe Anton Szandor LaVey. But I think it's more likely he's just batshit insane and needs to be put in an institution.


  1. Publishing for a business audience after smoking marijuana: You either learn the easy way, or you learn the hard way.

  2. Nietzsche? Sounds more like he's been reading too much George Gilder, which would make total sense. Once you've become a wealthy right wing blowhard, Gilder is your go-to guy for philosophical bullshit.