Sunday, November 30, 2014

Our man in Peru on the Swiss gold referendum, and my own thoughts

IKN - that Switzerland gold thing. Quote:
I was asked about the Swissie gold referendum thing weeks ago (literally) by a subber. My answer was that I didn't care because there's no way in the world that the Swiss will vote to change their banking system in any way shape or form. Arguably the world richest nation, arguably the most educated nation about financial matters, all based on a banking system that has served them better than (again arguably) any other nation on earth...and they want to change it? It's asinine (this time word used no holds barred). Just another goldbug wet dream, waiting for the result to shoot it down in flames, which will then give them another excuse to shake their collective fists at the world and mutter about The Powers That Be and our illuminati Bilderberg extraterrestrial lizard people rulers.We good now? Thanks.
I have little to add, except that the recent decision by Marine le Pen to advocate a similar gold repatriation in France makes it rather clear that gold repatriation has become the new pet project of the European neo-Nazis.

Y'know, come to think of it, now that the American right wing have given up their blather about the gold standard (except for the few die-hards of course), maybe a new Balkanist anti-Eurocurrency pro-gold-standard movement among the numerous Nazis of Europe would provide a good floor to the gold price!

Is anyone looking into selling these people gold coins? Hey Kitco, Europe seems to be a growth market for gold coins - are you taking care of it yet?

Anyway, one other thing I'd like to add is that, while IKN makes reference to some supposed "exit polls that indicate 78% of Swiss have voted against the initiative", I can find utterly no reference to this supposed Bloomberg article on ZeroHedge, so it must just be another anti-Soviet lamestream media lie.

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