Saturday, November 1, 2014

BREAKING NEWS: glorious Libertarian warriors take back Galt's Gulch Chile

Jeff Berwick - Galt's Gulch Chile retaken in daring night raid, no really. The story's causing a lot of shits 'n' giggles in the newsletter world, but frankly I think they did a pretty good job, considering.

And I doubt they have to worry much about Ken Johnson giving them any trouble now. He seems like the type of person who (in diplomatic language) finds it difficult to determine and pursue future courses of action that are in his own best interests. He's probably moved on.

Still, it kinda sucks that to maintain their claim on GGC, it seems like they're now going to have to permanently station a bunch of people in an arid wasteland with no water rights and keep their fingers crossed that the local police and citizenry remain on their side.

Ah, lessons learned for Libertarians. I hope Jeff Berwick writes a series of informative articles about the lessons he's learned throughout this whole Galt's Gulch Chile crisis.

Especially the lesson that property rights depend entirely on the goodwill of your neighbours. Not the law, not contracts, not the State, but the goodwill of your neighbours.

Anyway, for utterly no reason here's Jeff Berwick being interviewed in his Las Brisas mansion about what it's like to hang out in Acapulco, and what sort of lifestyle you can expect to maintain there if you happen to have made millions selling Stockhouse at the height of the dot-com boom:

Again, he really is hilarious fun to listen to, so go ahead and listen to the interview. Otto in particular will have a brain-exploding moment starting at approximately 24:30.

Things I agree with, btw:

1. Yes, lawns are stupid, people should grow fruit.
2. Yes, people should calm the fuck down about Ebola.
3. Yes, the world is better with porn.
4. Yes, the world is better when you and your neighbours look out each other. I guess the social cohesion in Acapulco is quite a bit stronger than in the US.

And Jeff, you smoke too much, you're going to get fucking throat cancer.


  1. Way better places in Mexico than Acapulco.

    Pretty short time frame for that chick to be all buddy buddy with Berwick, I wonder when the fleecing starts?

  2. Yes Jeff smokes too much and will probably die a horrible talking through a razz phone. On the other hand consider how he smokes. Somewhat compulsive but there seem to be a lot other times he just adds flourish without inhaling.