Saturday, November 29, 2014

Another best-of blast from the past: Is Brent Cook Otto Rock?

Here's a blog post from the past which continues to get the hits every week. Apparently everyone's interested in whether Brent Cook is secretly Otto Rock.

My blog - Funny searches in my stats, and I'm a sweetie so I share them with you!!!

Here it comes again:

Funny searches on my blog today:

Is Brent Cook Otto Rock? No. In fact, with my secret inner knowledge and all, I've decided to sum up some immediately apparent differences for you with the following chart:

I might have 1 or 2 of those wrong though. But certainly the differences add up the less I think about them.

B2Gold buy or sell 2012? Fuck, the chart looks like puke, what do you think? Any downside left now? I'd think if Nicaragua goes to war with Namibia and nukes are involved, BTO might go down some more, but that's about it.

Is the market going to go down because of french election? well CAC40 and MIB and Spain went up, so... no. But I do understand your desire to puke profitable gold miner stocks into nonexistent bids. Please, keep it up, you utter fucking spineless cunt. Just don't come running to me asking which Seeking Alpha pundits to follow for tech stock reccies, or whatever you're going to move on to.

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