Monday, November 10, 2014

And you thought REPUBLICANS lived in an echo-chamber of insanity!

A smart leader can still turn into a dumb-ass if he's surrounded by nothing but ignorant, clownish toadies who do nothing but kiss up to him all day.

Even if Putin was once smart, I think we now have proof that he's now fallen into an unarrestable spiral of stupidity because everyone with enough braincells to have ever been of use to him has either fled the country, gone into political exile, or been killed off, leaving Pooty-poot locked in an echo-chamber of insanity.

"But things aren't that bad", you say! "Oh no!" you say, "it's not as if he's surrounded by sycophants who suggest insane things like giving vials of Putin's sperm to women in order to breed a race of supermen!"

Au contraire, mon ami!

Metro UK - Russian lawmaker suggests giving vials of Putin's sperm to women in order to breed a race of supermen.

"Ha ha, very funny," you say, "that's not really what the article says!"

Au contraire, mon ami:

One might argue that one Vladimir Putin is quite enough already.

But Yelena Borisovna Mizoulina disagrees. In fact, if the Russian lawmaker has her way, we can expect a younger generation of bare-chested, horse-riding Russians with a penchant for spy thrillers and pistachio ice-cream.

Mrs Mizoulina has suggested giving Russian women the sperm of President Vladimir Putin in a bid to create a new ‘military and political elite’.

The Chairwoman of the Parliamentary Commission on women’s affairs, children and family said that giving the president’s sperm to women would improve the greatness of Russia and improve patriotism, Trust reports.

"Ha ha no really," you say, "the essence of her proposition couldn't possibly be that simple!"

Au contraire, mon ami:

‘The essence of my proposition is simple,’ she said.

Every citizen of Russia will receive by mail the genetic material of the president, to get pregnant from him and have a baby. These mothers will receive a special allowance from the state.

Children born from the Russian president in the future will form the military and political elite of the state.

Every citizen? Even dudes? That sounds kinda gay, doesn't it? What is a single male supposed to do with Pooty's "genetic material"? Smear it all over his chest or something?

"ha ha but seriously," you say, "this woman isn't a typical Russian."

Au contraire, mon ami:

If Ms Mizoulina’s suggestion sounds a bit odd, it’s worth noting that the same woman suggested exiling all Russian Jews

Yup, that's a typical Russian: a neo-Nazi anti-Semite.

But not everyone in Russia is buying this latest bizarre idea, are they?

Not everyone in Russia is buying the latest bizarre idea, however.

Mikhail Klikishin told the New York Observer the story is ‘total BS from Ukrainian yellow press.’

<cough cough> Mikhail Klikishin? That's a Ukrainian name. You know you're a traitor to your people, right?

Ah, Russia. Their news is always so hilariously funny, until you realize they still have nukes.

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