Wednesday, November 5, 2014

And some evening reading


New Deal Demoncrat - collapsing oil and rising wages is always good news. Skip to the conclusion:
I don't know how long the big decline in gas prices is going to last. But so long as it does, both commodity prices and consumer prices are going to grow less than wages. That is good for consumers and good for the economy. It's about as simple as that.
So there.

Ritholtz - disbelief in equities is propelling them higher. So quit piddling your panties and buy the S&P500.

FT Alphaville - how high can the dollar go? A 20% rally in the USD is not implausible, says Nomura. Well in that case I may as well unhedge all my US positions, and screw you Yanks if your market doesn't appreciate in local currency terms!

Yahoo Finacne - Gold and Silver Mining announces cash for development of $7 billion gold discovery. Gee... um, wow. I've never heard of them before. Let's hear about this fabulous company!
Gold and Silver Mining of Nevada, Inc. (OTC PINK: CJTF)
Ahahaha! I get it! They're on the pinks!

I'm not saying that every company on the Pinks with a purported $7 billion gold discovery is a scam, but... um... actually, no, I am saying that.

I've just got to wonder how many goldbug idiots could possibly be left to get fleeced.


  1. The great part of their 7 billion dollar discovery is, in case it doesn't pan out, they are ready with the grow lights and marijuana farm business plan.

  2. Yes,and with their $480 cash they are good too go.

    As per for the financials, their property and equipment net is a grand $284, which makes one wonder where those pictures from their website, the ones under the heading "our site" our from. $284 doesn't get you much equipment...maybe a hard hat or two and gas money to the site.