Saturday, November 29, 2014

ONLINE EDUCATION: it's more likely than you think!

It doesn't give you a nifty piece of paper and letters after your name, but there's still a hell of a lot of free edumacatin' out there.

UC Berkeley and UCSC used to put audio recordings of lectures on the internet for free download a few years ago. Well, now Berkeley is putting up video recordings on YouTube:

YouTube - UC Berkeley lecture playlists.

And Yale has a bunch too, including two versions (2011 and 2008) of an economics course taught by Robert Shiller:

YouTube - Yale lecture playlists.

And Mark Thoma at U. Oregon seems to love putting up his own lectures, which (from the course codes) seem to be at the 4th year/graduate level:

YouTube - Mark Thoma playlists.

I feel I should be drinkin' instead of edumacatin', but maybe I can edumacate in the mornings.

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