Thursday, October 30, 2014

WHO IS OTTO ROCK? Now the FBI wants to know. No really.

Oh dear, oh dear. The FBI has come knocking, and they want Otto Rock.

Click to enbiggitize:

Otto, run! You're in danger!

I can tell because someone at the FBI typed "Who is Otto Rock?" into Google while logged in!

Wikipedia says:

The mission of CJIS is to reduce terrorist and criminal activities by maximizing the ability to provide timely and relevant criminal justice information to the FBI and to qualified law enforcement, criminal justice, civilian, academic, employment, and licensing agencies concerning individuals, stolen property, criminal organizations and activities, and other law enforcement related data.

Dude, maybe you shouldn't have pissed off that dude. Now the fucking FBI is googling you.

If my blog goes silent, you guys now know that it's because I've been stuffed in a bodybag and flown off to a CIA-run torture facility in Syria. I'll be spending tonight snorting coke and caressing my guns in my panic room, that's for sure.

Who knows? Maybe I don't even make it out alive, but at least I'll take a few of the bastards with me! Which reminds me, I should probably arm the mines around my house for tonight. You can never be too safe.

Speaking of which, here's a Siskel & Ebert review of a great documentary on the topic of fascist governments who spy on their citizens:

Recommended by Jeff Berwick. The guy's got great taste in movies.


  1. I always feel like
    Somebody's watching me
    And I have no privacy
    (whoa ooh oh)
    I always feel like
    Somebody's watching me
    Who's playing tricks on me?

    1. Oh and PS, dear FBI guys:

      "Otto Rock" is actually the nom de plume of geologist Mickey Fulp. He lives on a ranch in the desert in the southwest US. Go get him.