Wednesday, October 22, 2014

$VIX is popping again

Well, yesterday the October $VIX options got doohickeyed, and today the $VIX has started popping again:

I didn't want to sell over the lunch hour, because that's Mom & Pop Act Dumb hour, but with a mental stop at $24.50 on HVI I eventually felt I had to. Things were starting to look downwardly mobile, and the $VIX future curve is flattening again on the near end. Plus you can see a long upward line on that chart above, from end of August through to today, that it seems the market won't let $VIX break below.

And maybe there was a distortion in the $VIX due to the option expiry.

So, a quick $2000 win for me, and I'll wait for the chance to either reload a $VIX short or just buy more US equities on the cheap.

Maybe I'll wait for something stupid like UNP getting puked down 10% again before I buy back in? I dunno.

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