Friday, October 31, 2014

The Wall Street Journal finally admits that Mila Kunis was smarter than them all along

WSJ Moneybeat - Moneybeat formally apologizes to Mila Kunis. Once again, my single-handed, rabid, unflinching, stalker-like quest for justice pays off, making the world a better place.

Steven Russolillo explains just how much of a fucking cunt he was to the sweet Mila Kunis:

Mila Kunis, we’re sorry.

In March 2013, Ms. Kunis — known for her roles in That 70s Show, Forgetting Sarah Marshall and more recently Oz: The Great and Powerful – told CNBC that she was buying stocks for the first time. She noted how risk averse she had been in the past, but figured the spring of 2013 was a good time to “take chances” and learn more about stocks and investing.

We were skeptical, to say the least.

In a blog post at the time, we worried about the tendency for mom-and-pop (and celebrity) investors to pile into stocks at the worst possible moments–at the top of the market, instead of the bottom. “The old adage is whenever shoe-shine boys, barbers, Hollywood types or former Fed chairmen start touting the stock market, it’s time to bail out,” we wrote.

We argued that the market’s relentless rally would have to abate at some point. We worried that the Federal Reserve wouldn’t be able to power the rally forever. We fretted about weak earnings growth, fairly-valued markets and low wages.

And boy, were we wrong.

The S&P 500 has rallied another 20% since Ms. Kunis gave that CNBC interview a year and a half ago, piling onto one of the biggest bull markets of all time. Aside from a few hiccups–including a pullback earlier this month–much of the rally has been smooth sailing.

Yes, Steven. You were wrong. The Wall Street Journal was clownish in its arrogant stupidity.

How the mighty have fallen, Steven! Once the WSJ was known for its economic commentary. Now? Now you're a bunch of fucking amateurish blogger clowns who constantly piddle your frilly little pink panties about the coming Obamapocalypse.

So even though you've admitted that Mila was right in March 2013, you're still trying to scare your readers out of a market that's still in the early stages of a ten-year bull:

In March 2013, when we tried to sound the alarm to Ms. Kunis, the S&P 500 traded at 13.7 times next year’s earnings. And the current price/earnings multiple matches where the S&P 500 traded in October 2007, when stocks peaked prior to the financial crisis. No matter how you slice it, stock valuations are rich.

Then there’s all of the global tumult. Geopolitical turmoil in the Middle East and Ukraine have the potential to roil markets at any moment. The specter of deflation continues to hang over markets around the world. Slowing economic growth in Europe and China could be problematic for the U.S. and the global economy in the weeks, months and years ahead.

Bottom line, there’s plenty to be worried about.

You're still a worthless cunt, Steven Russolillo, and your worries make you look pathetic. I'm happy you're leaving the WSJ.

If that shithole Murdoch rag had any brains, they would fire the whole worthless amateurish lot of you and replace you with the one person who's called the market right for the past 18 months:

Mila Kunis is smarter than you.

And by the way, we're still waiting for apologies from Josh Brown, Barry Ritholtz and Joey the Weasel.

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