Monday, October 20, 2014

Stuff to read

Market is boring me to tears so here's some news:

Calculated Risk - Fannie & Freddie will boost mortgage lending. That has been a big problem through the recovery, and this is positive macro news.

Reuters - US corporate cash holdings way over a trillion dollars. Yes, therefore we should puke stocks!

BI - these countries are screwed if oil keeps falling. Ignore the ignorant crap about what Saudi Arabia does and doesn't want, okay? The real story ran over a year ago. The Saudi royal family is worth a collective $1 trillion, and their mortal enemies are the Shiites of Iran. That's why Saudi Arabia doesn't care about falling oil prices: they'll survive, but Iran won't.

der Spargel - German intelligence determines Russian separatists downed MH-17. Um... I guess Fritz doesn't have a Vkontakte account? Because the Russky separatists admitted they shot down the plane right after it happened. Good work, Fritz! Now you can go back to selling arms to hostile countries.

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