Wednesday, October 22, 2014

REASONS TO PUKE THE S&P 500: here's what you need to know

Here's today's reasons to puke the S&P 500 into nonexistent bids:

Calculated Risk - thirty one states had unemployment rate decreases in September. OMG unemployment decrease! Sell sell sell!

Calculated Risk - September LA port traffic: imports highest since 2006. OMG imports increasing! Sell sell sell!

Calculated Risk - AAII billings suggests robust construction ahead. OMG architectural billings up! Sell sell sell!

Liz Ann Sonders - market's on a roller coaster. Quote:
Helping with this objective analysis is SentimenTrader, who looked at every intermediate-term S&P 500 low of the past 20 years (there were 26 of them). They recorded the level of their comprehensive set of indicators on those dates, and compared them to the market's current condition. As of day's end last Thursday, 51% of their 85 indicators matched or exceeded the extremes set at other lows (it dropped a bit through Friday).
OMG objective analysis! Sell sell sell!

BI - Joey the Weasel defects to Bloomberg. Good riddance, Joey, and I won't be reading you or Bloomberg. Blodget, please try and replace him with someone who isn't a click-whore. And see if you can get Udland and Ro to leave too. Keep Mamta.

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