Friday, October 17, 2014

Now that the market is closed, read this

Ponder these and despair!:

New Deal Demoncrat - US consumers paying the least for gas in 4 years. Quote:
There are 250 million vehicles in the US, averaging 24 miles per gallon, and typically driven over 11,000 miles per year. A drop of just 5 cents YoY averaged for a year (the YoY decline overall so far in 2014) adds over $6 Billion in disposable income that can be saved or spent for other purposes by US consumers.
I guess we'll puke the S&P some more when those great consumer spending numbers come out.

Calculated Risk - preliminary October consumer sentiment increases. Welp, it's happening already! Consumer sentiment is improving, let's puke stocks! Chart:

Now do you see why I'm saying we still have a long bull market to go?

Bespoke- next week's key earnings reports. The market can be fucktarded all it wants, as long as it doesn't try to be a fucktard during earnings, when the real rubber hits the road.

New Deal Demoncrat - housing permits say deceleration, not DOOM. Yo NDD, there are five Os in DOOOOOM. Get it right or you get kicked out of the club. Oh, and gasoline prices might also affect the prices of consumer goods.

If you only news - E=MC^2 is liberal claptrap. And this isn't some wackaloon - this is (what now passes for) a mainstream Republican party member.

And remember, in America they only have two parties. One is a bunch of lying corrupt weasels bought and paid for by big business. The other is a pack of hallucinating psychotic neo-Nazis with markedly below-average IQs, who live in a poorly-constructed fantasy-land based on clownish cartoon misinterpretations of the mythology of the stone-age Israelites.

The Republican Party: it's like someone tried to construct a political party out of sibling incest, lead poisoning, and repeated head trauma.

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