Monday, October 27, 2014

Monday news and socialist agitation


BI - Hussman thinks the stock market is crashing. Well of course this clown thinks the market is crashing, he's always thought it's crashing. Blodget, you douchenozzle, I'm deleting the BI link off my cellphone: since your website continues to feature ignorant fruitcakes like Hussman, you've now become a waste of my fucking time.

FT Alphaville - Goldman's new take on the oil selloff. $70 oil would be good for the US economy, no? Maybe for Europe, China and Japan too! Not so good for the Middle East or Russia though - hey, that's even better! What's not to like? Even Alberta gets fucked. That's awesome.

Chronicles of Brodrick - winners and losers from low oil prices. Hey Sean, you forgot to put "oil and gas newsletter writers" in your list. How's the junior oil and gas stock market been looking recently?

Gavyn Davies - is worldwide economic growth permanently lower? When are these pundits going to realize that Krugman and Piketty have it right? The economy needs a balance between rentiers and the proletariat: if you confiscate all the income of the poor and hand it to the rich, the rich will suddenly have a whole pile of excess savings and nobody to lend it to.

And that's what's been happening for the past 50 years, and that's why the worldwide economy is now confronted with deflation: the rich now have all the money, and nobody left who they can lend it to.

That's the endgame of the war against the proletariat. All that's left for the rich is to dissolve all democratic institutions and rebuild the feudal system.

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  1. Regarding BI, sure, Joey the Weasel leaves and you just walk away. Well Hendry Bludgett won't take that lying down, you hear? Do you? Hello? Hey, you!! Dammit are you listening????

    As for the rentiers and the poor and all that shite, dammit the plutocrats are trying their asses off on this return to feudalism stuff, if you hadn't noticed, so can you please stop being so fucking impatient about it? Can a plutocrat get a break around here for once?! Sheesh.