Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Josh Brown has become the noise that I need to tune out.

Reformed Borker (Bork Bork Bork!) - Monday before the open, let's talk about how scared we are.

Fucking idiot. Remember, this was Monday:
Jon Krinsky’s technical note for MKM Partners this week is entitled “The Game Has Changed… V-Shaped Bottom Unlikely” and, while not bearish, he is very skeptical that last week’s low will be the low for the current correction. He notes that breadth was terrible despite Friday’s bounce and that we’ve now spent a week below the 200-day moving average – which hasn’t happened since the current rally began in 2012.
Breadth is better now, isn't it?

Bespoke - all those stocks you panty-piddlers sold off the hardest last week have bounced back the hardest, including Union Pacific and WHAT IN THE NAME OF LIGHTLY TANNED JESUS WERE YOU THINKING?!?

God, Josh, you were so scared of a giant correction, weren't you? What a godforsaken panty-piddling little sissy you are. Tell you what Josh, here's a picture for you:

Harden the fuck up you little girl.

Let's quote some more of that Josh Brown, who lost a tremendous chance to buy at a 10% discount and therefore is just as bad at managing funds as all those other little hedge fund amateurs with swelled heads in NYC:
Closing below the 12-month M.A. does not necessarily mean the end to the bull market,
Oh that's good, because that would mean I've been a fool spending the past few years reading New Deal Demoncrat's weekly economic indicators when I should have been paying attention to a fucking squiggly line whose value depends on an arbitrarily number!
but if you look back at the tops in 2000 and 2007, both started with price closing below the 12-month moving average.

Fuck, Josh, you're stupid.

And did the past 36 hours of price action change his mind?

No, now he's blathering on about this:

Reformed Borker (Bork Bork Bork!) - OMG now all the Dow stocks suck. Quote:
Coca-Cola’s core business, diet and regular soda, is dead. Everyone knows it except for shareholders, who’ve kept the stock near 52-week highs regardless of the massive shift in consumer tastes away from sugars, preservatives, artificial ingredients and unhealthy soft drinks. They’ve been shareholder-friendly on management incentives, dividends and buybacks as well – but it may not be enough anymore. Coca-Cola is not growing and its core product has become increasingly meaningless to the next generation of consumers. This morning Coke reported an awful quarter to investors, its shares are off almost 6 percent as of this writing. That’s an exceptional decline for a such a traditionally boring blue chip – another “bond-like stock” now forced to face the music.
OK, so in the past few days KO is down 10%. I guess they are going out of business. I guess Minute Maid, Dasani, Monster and American Idol mean nothing. One failure after another. I guess we've learned that Warren Buffett is way dumber than some 40-year-old fat clown blogger who listens to rap music.

So if that's the case, Josh, then why did you and your idiot Wall Street buddies also sell Union Pacific down 10%?

What wisdom can you impart to us about the imminent failure of rail transport, which you picked up the way you did the failure of Coca-Cola, by reading a Reuters article or listening to the ignorant Republican highschool-dropout blowhards on CNBC like Joe Kernen and Michelle Caruso?

You've become a fucking joke, Josh, and thank you for giving me this reason to unsubscribe from your idiot blog's RSS. You have become the noise that I need to tune out.

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