Friday, October 24, 2014

GDXJ weakly chart

Here's the GDXJ versus GLD weakly candles:

1. I guess this November and December are shaping up to be like last year's November and December?

2. Why is volume up 10 times over the past year? Anyone have any idea at all why this should be? It's not just the ratio chart: GDXJ volume itself is up like 10 times in the past year. Is this just bots arbing an otherwise dead market for junior gold equities? Are bots the only people left holding junior miners?


  1. After staring at this ratio chart for a while, I honestly don't know what it means or what information it carries.

    1. Heavy sigh.

      It means that GDXJ has been grossly underperforming gold since July.

      In 2013, similar suckage continued all year til December when the market finally could dry-retch no more without vomming out its own small intestine.

      In layman's terms, junior gold miners suck™. Even worse than gold.

    2. Well yeah, that's what the ratio IS. That's not the mystery.

      Heavy sigh right back at you

    3. Well then WTF are you asking?

      Heavier, more exasperated sigh