Monday, October 20, 2014

Cam Hui gives me some useful data: SPXU

Well, Cam Hui is long SPXU.

"What's SPXU I wonder?" asks the ever-curious me. See, that's how I preserve my braincells - constant curiosity and learning.

Here's SPXU:

OMG it's an ultrashort SPX. He's ultrashort the S&P. Great way to work that timing model, dude! Use ultras for that extra kick! Or something!

Hey, that's one heck of a surge in volume these past few weeks, no?

It's almost as if someone thought that shorting the S&P is a no-brainer, no?

Man, look at all those people who were buying at SPXU>$53 on Wednesday and Thursday. They must feel really clever right now.

Here's the weekly:

With the caveat that the volume shown here isn't price-based but share-based, that's still close to a high in volume.

Now remind me... is the market supposed to reward the largest number of participants?


  1. Dude: The big honking Seeking Alpha Certified sticker he has on his blog is the first sign......

    Might as well have a ZeroHedge Certified sticker too...

  2. And you wonder why you are not on his humble markets blog roll to the right of his humble blog?

    As a matter of fact I think I am snubbed too and that limey in Peru, even though he give Mr. Humble more props.

    Fuck it I can play at that game too, I am going to redirect his blog roll on my site to, I don't know, Eric Sprott, or Rick Rule or may be that twat Peter Schiff or maybe a porn site. Give ma a day or two to think about it.