Monday, October 20, 2014

Active investment managers seem to be morons: a chart

See It Market - NAAIM exposure index moves to say what now? God, look at this chart:

Are you serious? You guys spent the past year complaining about the advance leaving you behind, and how you wanted a market drop to buy the dips.

But now that the market really has dipped, you've sold everything?

When you try to win new clients, are you guys lying and telling them that you'll do better than if the client simply flushes all their money down the toilet?


  1. That's quite the contrary indicator.

    I guess their panties got wet.

    1. You'd think an active manager would add exposure in a downturn, no? Am I dumb for suggesting this?

      PS right now there is an ad above this post for Tylenol osteoarthritis pills. I'm attracting the old money to my blog, finally.