Saturday, September 27, 2014

The Jesus and Mary Chain live at the Camden Ballroom in 1985. Your argument is invalid.

Holy shit, the internet really does have everything.

Here's the Jesus and Mary Chain playing live in 1985, at one of their "riot" shows.

Jim seems to kick and bash people in the front row about a hundred times here. And yet he pokes one dumb guy in Toronto with a microphone stand in 1987 and the police get involved. Fucking Toronto pussies.

Just Out of Reach
You Trip Me Up
Inside Me
In a Hole
The Living End
(then a riot)

Yup, six song set, that was them in 1985.

It's amazing to me that this video exists because I used to be on a J&MC fansite, over a decade ago, that prided itself on having literally every single bootleg that existed - and I never saw this. Seems this comes straight out of the Creation Records vault or something.

And here again is Daniel Richler's hilarious J&MC interview from the New Music in 1985, followed by (I'm not sure) some 2-minute interview on Dutch TV where for some reason it looks like Bobby brought a girl to make out with:

Hilarious "Joy Division were particularly awful, Joy Division were shit, Joy Division were fucking rubbish."

Quote from the comments section:

"Jim got told before the interview that the interviewer was a massive fan of Joy Division so he said negative things about them to annoy him."

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