Friday, September 12, 2014

Some Friday afternoon news

Some reading for you:

Bespoke - gasoline prices lowest since February. If this trend continues, just imagine what a boost it'll provide to consumer spending!

Ritholtz - buying stocks based on how other people feel. How sentiment is bullshit. I'd point out that retail has proven itself not to be the "dumb money": over the past 6 years, the dumb money has been the hedge funds.

FT beyond brics - China's problem is not property, but too few modern homes. Still lots of room for capital investment in China. And given they're a command economy, they can accelerate development instead of letting the drunken invisible hand do its job - the way it's done so well elsewhere in the world, where the poor still live in tin-roofed shacks.

FT beyond brics - EM companies face end to easy growth. That's a secular change, buddy.

Reuters - India's love affair with gold may be over. Wait a sec, is there an upcoming OpEx that I don't know about? Usually these stories are only paid for when there's an upcoming option expiry. - iron ore bears come out in force. I think the whole Jim Rogers "EM bear/commodity bear/DM bull" thesis has now gone mainstream. Is anyone of any consequence or intelligence still arguing against it? If not, why aren't you investing based on it?


  1. True. Mila Kunis has whipped your Wall St asses, Barry.

    1. Yes, yes, let's note again how Mila Kunis is the world's greatest investor, and also should marry me.