Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Some evening reading, featuring Jim O'Neill

Here's the evening news:

BI - US auto sales crush expectations. And because you've been stuck in a bear market for a decade, you need to be reminded that this chart:

is not peaking. It is not peaking in exactly the same way that the S&P was not peaking at 1550. US auto sales are going to break through 18M and continue upward, because that's what happens in a secular economic expansion.

FT beyond brics - Jim O'Neill on how EMs don't suck yet. He's still smarter than the average snooty City bastard, our Jim, so we may as well see what he has to say about the future for EMs.

Ritholtz - idiot Adam Parker from MS finally capitulates. After only a 200% rise in the S&P? What a wimp! He needs to be more like Doug Casey:

IKN - Casey will never capitulate on the same old collapse bullshit he flogged in 2008. Now with an update for more Casey goodness!

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