Monday, September 15, 2014

Monday news delivery, with more mockery of that panty-piddler Josh Brown

Here's some stuff and junk to read and stuff:

Calculated Risk - Fed preview. Yup, it's Fed week, so we can expect markets to not do anything until the Fed speaks whereupon there'll me a knee-jerk move in some direction or other that'll temporarily swamp out the slower-frequency flows, after which things will go back to normal. God this is annoying.

New Deal Demoncrat - weekly indicators. Everything's fine.

Reformed Borker (Bork Bork Bork!) - My investment thesis for the remainder of 2014 involves hiding in a closet clutching my teddy bear and piddling my little pink frilly panties. For as long as chickenshits like Josh continue to advocate jumping in and out of the market because reasons, the market will continue to provide profitable opportunities for people who aren't panty-piddling little girly-boys.

FT beyond brics - India shouldn't expect $100b in investment from China. Hey, don't be so skeptical! For $100b, China could simply supply and install 200 million portable toilets. That would go a long way to dragging India out of the bloody stone age.

Forbes - Bitcoin will probably drop to $10 in 2014. A good article examining how the thin market in buttcoins has affected its price volatility and distorted the process of price discovery. Not that libertopians actually care about price discovery, right? Because buttcoins are real money! Ron Paul says so!

Jerusalem Post - Egyptian "academic" demands Jews give back the gold they stole. Um, the gold they stole in the Exodus. Yes, the Moses one. With, um, interest. No really, with interest. Which is hilarious on so many levels:

1. Fixated on ancient history much, guys?

2. Ooh wow, an Arab who hates the Jews. How edgy, how original. I really can't remember the last time I heard of an Arab who hates all Jewry.

3. Can the Jews in return ask to be compensated for their decades of slavery in Egypt too?

4. I thought demanding interest was haram? You sure you're a muslim, dude?

5. The people in Egypt right now are not the descendants of the Pharaonic subjects anyway: they're Arabs.

6. What's next? Should Egypt bring a case before the international court of human rights, seeking damages for the plagues sent by the evil Jew-god?

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