Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Krugman on right-wing propaganda about France versus the reality of France

Krugginator - what's the matter with France? Through the simple examination of data, Krugman probes (as I was saying 2 years ago) the right-wing assertion that France is a socialist economic basket-case of cheese-eating surrender monkeys.

And, of course, it turns out that it's not. It's especially fun to see him note France's economic performance versus that of the noted right-wing austerian dystopia The Netherlands.

This was the reason, two years ago, that I quit reading almost all American commentary on Europe: it's all (except Krugman) utter bullshit, infused heavily with racist attitudes about lazy swarthy Mediterraneans and noble savage Teutons.

There might be a political basis to the propaganda too; socialist countries are supposed to be disasters, so therefore France should be a disaster. Which is funny because the noble savage Teutons also live in a profoundly socialist system; but I guess that's ignored because Teutons also like being fucking miserable, hateful, selfish assholes, so therefore they're true capitalists at heart.


  1. Yeah. Slightly OT (but less than you'd think) yesterday I read a USA fund analysis mailer to his clients which included commentary on Brazil. It started the key part about the very likely Dilma Rousseff vs Marina Silva second round run-off with (and i search, open and copypaste to get it exactly right) " Thus the October 5 election will feature one commie squaring off against another." I mean, seriously, WTF is that? The Marina Silva situation is nuanced to say the least and though she comes from a lefty/green background she's already made the right kind of "will delegate to economists" type of noises. Far more to the point. no thought to the way in which the Da Silva-then-Rousseff PT has run Brazil for a decade. For sure you can zoom in on the current quarter's slowdown, but Brazil C21 is neolib FFS!

    But no, they're Commies and that's yer lot folks because Eagles Crying or because Dilma didn't buy Boeing jets or Raytheon missiles or something. Sigh.

    1. Ernesto Geisel was a commie as far as these people are concerned.