Monday, September 29, 2014

Is the culture war finally swinging in the Democrats' favour?

NY Times - Democrats go on the offensive in the culture war. I'd been wondering over the past few years how the hell the Republicans can even continue to exist as a party if they're so strongly anti-women - after all, doesn't the US let women vote?

How do you win even one female vote in Virginia after advocating transvaginal ultrasounds, for example? How does your party maintain even a shred of honour after it attacks Sandra Fluke for campaigning for birth control?

So maybe the true shift in the American culture war is the sudden understanding that women make up 50% of the political debate.

Anyway, it's an interesting subject from a sociological perspective, and it'd be neat to consider the wider economic environment in which this is going on - the theory being that economic good times bring a swing to the left, while economic bad times usually cause a country to swing hard right.

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