Tuesday, September 2, 2014

GOLD COLLAPSES ON UKRAINE WAR DECLARATION: you won't believe what happened next

Gold candles, as of 9:45AM:

At least it's at the bottom of its Bollinger mean and its downward channel. You'd think that means it can't barf much more, right? At least not today, right?


  1. You really should stop reading Joe Weisenthal on Business Insider.

    He has a bad influence on you.

    1. I pretty much have stopped reading BI, actually.

      I do the all-caps and clicktease because that makes more people click on my articles, thus more money. I like money.

  2. Want more money? Then maybe more Mila Kunis her poor Ukraine and under panties better buy gold Daniela gold is married maybe kitties and kitty pics with Lucy Hale silver money S&P500 crash to the moon.

    There - that should bring you in some beer money. Time to click a banner ad and leave - adios!

  3. I have a video of the indian gold market reaching the bottom: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H_RUC6eLbFk