Monday, September 29, 2014

DO DOGS LIKE TO BE HUGGED? the answer will shock you!

Here's some reading to start the week:

New Deal Demoncrat - weekly indicators. Some deceleration from the heady days of Q2, but he thinks a Q3 of 3% is not out of the question.

Reformed Borker (Bork Bork Bork!) - do we need to fire Pimco? Seems there's a lot of concern that the firing of Bill Gross will result in a large movement of capital - on the order of hundreds of billions of dollars. So I guess that counts as a major market rebalancing, which suggests this market goes nowhere for a few months.

BI - Pimco is already bleeding billions. Large outflows on Friday alone. If nothing else, this should send screwy signals that confuse the bots.

Gavyn Davies - labour underutilization in America. Here's another item of debate right now. Shaoul in particular thinks the labour numbers suggest incipient wage inflation, since some regions and labour sectors are already at full employment; doubters are responding to him by asking if he's actually seeing any wage rises anywhere right now.

Mother Nature Network - dogs don't like to be hugged. Well, piss on 'em then.

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