Wednesday, September 24, 2014

A bit of news

A few news bits from last night:

BI - Russell 2k death cross. Every clown on earth has heard about it by now, so it's probably meaningless.

Reuters - Samaras tells Germans Greece can exit bailout early. Hey, remember all those guys who predicted Greece was going to leave the EZ? Do you remember their names? You shouldd go look them up, because now you can make a list of people who have been proved to have no fucking clue whatsoever about Europe.

Reuters - Magna to open two new plants in Gujarat. This is weird: Frank Stronach not the type of guy that you'd think makes expensive mistakes. And India actually doesn't buy many cars today, and you'd think they won't be buying many over the next 5-10 years, and the country doesn't exactly have the infrastructure you need for a just-in-time manufacturer. So why did he do this?


  1. Death cross, doji star, head and shoulders dandruff formation, cup and handle, bullish wick, bearish wick, descending triangle, ascending trapezoid, panty and piddler formation...shit, why don't we just look at fucking Rorschach blots and guess what they are telling us to invest in?

    1. Actually, every chart really is a Rorschach test, ain't it? And every TA is really just telling you his own silly hopes and fears.