Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Zerohedge versus BBC: who do you trust?

zerohedge - wharr evil Ukrainian fascists block aid convoy from glorious Russian motherland. Quote:
Wharr evil Ukrainian fascist genocidal forces wharrgarbl poor innocent starving Russian anti-fascist citizens yarr brave Putin glorious motherland who doesn't fund our website at all no

Please compare with:

BCC News - yeah no not really. Quote:
Ukrainian officials have set conditions for receiving Russian aid in the east, after a huge convoy of food and medicine set off from outside Moscow.

Security council spokesman Andriy Lysenko said aid should pass through a government-controlled border post and be accompanied by Red Cross officials.


Ukrainian officials insist that the Russian trucks will stop at the border, where their freight will be passed onto vehicles controlled by the Red Cross. Russia's emergencies ministry, which is overseeing the convoy, has confirmed this version of events.


A Russian Emergencies Ministry spokesman later told the BBC that the Russian lorries would not cross the border, and that it was up to the Red Cross to decide what to do with the aid.

So, is Zerohedge already saying that the Russians have lied and are going to crash through the border with hidden weaponry?

Or are they just repeating Russian misinformation from the Russian propaganda network in order to spread lies to make Ukraine look bad?

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